Beautiful bonsai from the 34th Taikan-ten exhibition

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Happy New Year! In the spirit of seasonal celebrations, here are some highlights from the 34th annual Taikan-ten. The photos are courtesy of Boon Manakitivipart. Boon has generously offered to share some photo highlights from his recent visit to Japan, and what better place to start than the Grandview Bonsai Exhibit held each November in Kyoto, Japan. Thanks Boon!


White pineWhite pine

What do I like about this pine? Very interesting trunk, great branch-work and great balance.

As for the juniper below – check out the upper part of the trunk. This tree won the Prime Minister award.

ShimpakuLarge shimpaku

Amazing trunk!Trunk detail – great movement

Root over rock black pineRoot over rock black pine 2014 Kokufu Prize winner

White pineWhite pine

Trunk detailTrunk detail – wonderful age, character and movement

I don’t know the story behind the shimpaku on a rock below, but it makes for a very interesting composition.


Massive Japanese yew

ShimpakuShimpaku – 2014 Kokufu Prize winner

Japanese mapleJapanese maple

YewJapanese yew

White pineWhite pine – 2014 Kokufu Prize winner

ShimpakuShimpaku – 2014 Kokufu Prize winner by Bruno Beltrame

QuinceChinese quince

Taikan-tenMaking the rounds at Miyakomesse, the event space where Taikan-ten is held each year

Stay tuned for more great bonsai from the 34th Taikan Bonsai Exhibition.

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